Cillian Bracken Conway
26th Oct, 2015

IBM’s Marketing Cloud has a new data exchange offering launched just recently to aid marketers achieve better customer engagement and data connection. The cloud-based application known as the Universal Behaviour Exchange or UBX is intended to pump up personalised digital marketing campaigns and allow users to give out customer data through several technology solutions.

The customer data exchange is supported by third-party vendors associated with paid advertising, mobile, CRM, and social media, such as RocketFuel, SugarCRM, MediaMath, Vibes, Exchange Solutions, MutalMind, and Spredfast.

IBM says that marketers use over 30 various systems to deliver their marketing campaigns. This results in challenges not just in the pooling of data, but also in executing customised and scalable customer experiences.

What IBM and Its Partners Are Saying About UBX

MediaMath disclosed that the incorporation of IBM’s automated marketing, digital analytics, and engagement programs with TerminalOne’s platform on ad tech will allow an increase in conversions, with offers that are customised according to each online or in store consumer.

MediaMath President of Commercial Mike Lamb said that they see the UBX as a “major step towards true customer-centric marketing” and is an opportunity to link advertiser data with other channels to build appropriate interactions in a timely manner.

The partnership between RocketFuel and IBM will enable IBM clients to utilize the vendor’s DSP and DMP capabilities to control first-party data with the use of paid media channels, and centre on anonymous users within the digital advertising space.

Based on RocketFuel’s statements, the integration forms a ‘virtuous loop’ wherein marketers’ first party data in IBM’s marketing cloud can be used for digital ad campaigns and then utilized to keep customers’ insights updated within the marketing ecosystem.

Vibes, a mobile marketing vendor offering mobile wallet solutions, pointed out that getting into IBM’s UBX enables marketers to acquire the best visibility into vital data for campaigns on mobile marketing.

Teaming up with IBM brought on such fundamental capabilities to them, such as leveraging email insights through its marketing cloud for better mobile customer communication and connection between ecommerce and website behavioural data.

Vibes CEO Jack Philbin said UBX has primarily cracked the code on “big data applied to the marketing cloud”. He revealed that with IBM’s offering, marketers can now “drive revenue using innovative mobile marketing channels while also connecting mobile to all other digital marketing events”.

Deepak Advani, Commerce General Manager for IBM, pointed out that difficulties faced by the marketers of today include the “ability to deliver at scale customer experiences that are timely and relevant”.

“Today’s launch is addressing this by removing a key pain point for marketers around data integration to free them up to deliver the more innovative and meaningful experiences that consumers demand,” he stated.

What Marketers Can Do

IBM’s UBX is the perfect solution for marketers looking for a better way to collate customer data in order to come up with a unique market experience for their target audience.