Cillian Bracken Conway
30th Oct, 2015

The Internet is rife with all types of media for any digital marketing campaign. If you are a wise marketer, you should be on your toes every day and keep an eye out for new trends that could result to better customer experiences.

Although mobile marketing as a way to reach wider audiences is the hot topic right now for not having been fully tapped by business owners, there is yet another marketing strategy that seemed to have taken a backseat to a whole lot of other tactics: the use of digital video ads.


According to a recent study by ad measurement company Sizmek, only 18% out of 4,000 advertisers serve in-stream video commercials along with rich media ads. Even as the number of digital ads including videos increased from 9% to 15% between the first half of 2013 and 2015, only 5% of the nearly 11% of rich media ads produced were videos. These figures show that business owners are basically not giving importance to digital video ads as a marketing tactic.

Statistics that Say You Should Use Digital Video Ads


Considering that YouTube has more than a billion users, which is nearly a third of all Internet users, and a watch time of hundreds of millions of hours every day, you can gauge how vital videos can be for your digital marketing campaign. With YouTube already having launched local versions in over 70 countries all across the globe and with 80% of its views coming from outside the US, you can also see how much the implementation of digital videos can broaden your audience reach.

There is also the fact that more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices, with over 40 minutes being the average viewing session. This means that if you want to invest more in your mobile marketing efforts and gain better conversions and returns from them, digital video ads should be highly considered.


This is not all. Just recently, Facebook revealed that it will soon launch a dedicated video hub. The top social media network is currently testing its video section, which can be found at its News Feed’s left-hand side and will be filled with videos from pages, publishers, friends, or those saved for later viewing. Suggested videos, a “save for later” button, and a pop-out video player are among the enhancements being added to the section to guarantee users’ longer stay and viewing of videos.

Now that Facebook is giving YouTube a run for its money, you have yet another venue to reach your target audience through digital video ads. This can prove to be quite advantageous because as of June 2015, there is an average of 968 million people actively using the social media website every day and another 844 million active users on mobile. As of June 30 this year, there were already 1.49 billion active Facebook users recorded every month and 1.31 billion active users on mobile. Plus, if your goal is to reach a global audience, then it also helps that 83.1 percent of these daily active users come from outside the US and Canada.

Value in Digital Video Ads for Brands and Marketers

Aside from all these figures, as a marketer, you should also be aware that people have undergone changes when it comes to how they devour content on the Internet. Through online channels, they are already given the power to choose which content to go for, and these include ads. They scroll past anything they do not like to view. And while they may take some time to click on a video ad, their response to these videos vary greatly. While some might watch part of these videos, they immediately move on after. There are also others who might see these videos, but won’t spend time to watch them.


From a Nielsen study commissioned by the Facebook Marketing Science Team based on brand awareness, purchase consideration and ad recall metrics, it was found out that at a start of zero seconds, which is basically when a display ad can be seen thereby counting already as an impression, video ads were able to effect a lift on value, even among people who may have seen them but have not watched them. As you can expect, the lift escalated the longer people viewed the ads.

It was also seen that of the total campaign value, 47% was of people who watched video ads for less than three seconds, while 74% came from those who watched for below 10 seconds, subject to the metric these figures were based on. This means that although the lift increased the longer it is that users watched the videos, they don’t have to watch entire video ads to have an impact on them. Even video ads watched for less than 10 seconds were already effective in building brand awareness and pushing people’s intention to buy.

What This Presents for Marketers and Brands


As the consumption of content differ across all types of audiences, it can be seen that the number of video views alone could not quantify the value acquired from digital video ads. As a marketer, you should also experiment serving shorter yet more creative ads to build more value for your brand. Upon doing so, you should also remember that this value escalates the longer the videos are viewed. Although it is crucial for you to continue optimising your ads to meet your marketing objectives, you should also look beyond view counts if you wish to measure the total value of your digital marketing campaign.

You need to keep in mind that every segment of a video view, which starts from the primary impression to the complete viewing, provides value for your brand. If you are able to understand this, then you will have a better idea on which content to build and how to measure your business’s success.