Cillian Bracken Conway
18th Nov, 2015

With the holiday season just around the corner, retailers are looking for new and effective ways to reach more consumers and increase their bottom line. This is where Point Inside’s new search marketing solution comes in. The in-store marketing company has come up with a revolutionary program called StoreBoost, which gives retailers the ability to advertise specific products or brands in the search feature of their apps.

Newly Launched and Unique

Point Inside announced the launch of the program on their official website early this week. This is certainly perfect timing, considering two of the biggest retail shopping events—Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale—are only a week away.

The company emphasizes that although paid search has existed since mid-1990s, no one has ever come up with a program or feature that allows retailers to make money out of the search activity in their mobile apps. Thanks to StoreBoost, businesses now have more opportunities to efficiently increase their sales by taking advantage of the increasing number of consumers using their mobile phones in store.

Point Inside further elaborates on how businesses can use this new program with the following statement:

“The StoreBoost service is available via Point Inside’s StoreMode™ platform, and allows retailers to boost a particular product or brand to the top result position in response to a mobile search query. The StoreBoost service is also available during autocomplete search, allowing a retailer to pair a boosted suggestion with a related term in the search type-ahead field.”

By using StoreBoost, retailers will be able to promote anything they wish to. This includes content, ads, and third-party information. They will also be able to charge certain brands for the increased exposure they get in app search results. Point Inside has definitely proven themselves as a credible force in the online in-store marketing arena. After all, they did sign a deal with Target last year. The latter is known for having the most extensively used retail app in the industry. Point Inside also has good working relationships with other big grocery stores, such as Lowe’s and Meijer.

Easy to Use

Another good thing about StoreBoost is that retailers can customise it according to the inventory and products of a specific store. This makes it easier for business owners to apply and track the efficiency of the program. Point Inside says StoreBoost is offered as a new part of their current StoreMode Platform, which allows retailer apps to provide a variety of services. These include product locators, tailor-made shopping lists, product-inventory search, and in-store mapping.

If integrated well into the retailer’s system and if the user base of the retailer’s app is stable enough, then StoreBoost can be very effective in increasing sales. It can also help paid search advertising, essentially becoming an online form of traditional in-store merchandising.