Cillian Bracken Conway
22nd Dec, 2015

Facebook has added another search feature that allows users to search within a page. A spokesperson of the social media giant confirmed in an email that testing is being done to enable search within page posts. As of this writing, the pilot program is only available to a small number of US English users, but is accessible on both desktop and mobile.

The search box on Facebook pages was discovered by a reader, Guillame Baratte, who tipped off social networking news site, Social Times, about the extended functionality.

Image of an example of a Facebook timeline with the option to Search for posts on this page

People of the test group sees a “Search for posts on this page” option where they can type in queries or find things that have been shared in the past within a specific page. It is an extension of another search pilot program that was first spotted last month.

The ability to search within pages is just one of the series of search improvements that Facebook has rolled out within the last year. Facebook re-enabled the ability to search within posts made by friends around this same time last year. Initially, the feature was said to allow Facebook users to search for public posts even from people outside their circle, but was later changed to ensure results remain unique and personalised to every user. According to Tom Stocky, vice president of Facebook, during talks with Search Engine Land, “on Facebook people care as much if not more about who is posting the content” instead of what is written or the message within a content.

Facebook then added in October this year the ability to search within public posts. This enabled users to search for public conversations where they can quickly join in. The search results will return links to public posts, aggregate overview of sentiments publicly shared, and popular phrases and quotes mentioned. Combined with search on friend’s posts, Facebook effectively becomes a source of real-time information.

The social media giant also added profile pages on search last November. This time, Facebook users can run search on a friend’s profile if they ever need to find something. But search is only applicable to posts already seen on someone’s Timelines, a spokesperson of the company said.

With more than 2 trillion posts to go through, it is still not easy to find a specific post within Facebook, which is why the company has added page posts on search.

In a Q&A with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month, he said that the ability to find things on Facebook that people has shared in the past is one of the things that a lot of people ask. There have been so many things people shared on Facebook that “the ability to learn from the wisdom of all of your friends and family…is going to be an incredibly important thing”, he said.