Cillian Bracken Conway
9th Feb, 2016

Image Source: The Verge

It’s official—iOs and Android users can now swiftly switch between their multiple Instagram accounts without much hassle starting this week. This new capability is available on Instagram version 7.15.

According to the Instagram blog, users can see their profile photo throughout the app once account switching is activated. This will remind them which account they are currently using.

The company behind the popular photo sharing app also revealed the official update on Twitter with a tweet that includes the link to the Instagram help page for adding and switching among multiple accounts.

All the users have to do is go to the Profile Settings section to register as many as 5 accounts. This will allow them to conveniently and quickly switch among the accounts with just a tap on their screen without having to constantly sign out or sign in. Users can also get push notifications on all of their activated accounts, but have the option to disable the notification for any or all of them.

Screenshot of Instagram app with multi-account activated

Image Source: Marketing Land

In 2015, Instagram previously rolled out this latest feature but only for those registered in the app’s beta community for Android users. On the other hand, iOS users got the rollout only a couple of months later.

On February 4, Marketing Land revealed that the app already supported multiple accounts but only for some users of Android and iOs version of the app.

In the past, users are obliged to have one Instagram profile or to sign out from the app to log in to another account. This can be a hassle for multi-account holders, especially social media marketers who want separate personal and business accounts but want to access both on the go.

It won’t just be the digital marketers who’ll rejoice with this official update. It’ll be a delight for small and medium business owners, too, such as work-at-home individuals and online sellers who need an Instagram account specifically for their products alone. Individuals will also be able to easily manage an Instagram profile solely dedicated to their beloved pet, baby, or things that they’re most passionate about.