Cillian Bracken Conway
23rd Feb, 2016

Image Source: Marketing Land

Boomtrain has released its email personalisation editor that will now make it easier for non-developers to build their email marketing campaign. It has also partnered with user engagement platform Iterable for seamless email integration with the Boomtrain Editor.

Boomtrain, the San Francisco-based leading provider of marketing platform, is known for its advanced machine intelligence technology, providing email recipients with customised content based on various factors including the content patterns of the websites being visited by the client.

The Boomtrain Editor can be used as a standalone product. This modular tool is also designed to complement practically any email service provider.

In the past, Boomtrain users will require a team of skilled developers or engineers to be able to upload HTML newsletter templates and convert them into a personalised and dynamic email. You won’t be able to use the platform for “practical marketing applications” if you don’t have the team, CEO Nick Edwards said.

Boomtrain Editor is an industry-first email personalisation tool launched in line with the company’s efforts to help brands deliver a more personalised experience for their customers. This tool will essentially narrow the gap that will enable marketers, especially those without advanced technical knowledge, to gain access to the powerful capabilities of advanced machine learning technology.

Specifically, Boomtrain Editor already has the machine learning capability embedded. Marketers, regardless of coding skills, can now quickly and conveniently convert their static templates for emails into partially or fully dynamic ones. All they have to do is drag and drop the necessary elements into the customizable template or build a new one in an in-line WYSIWYG editor. Those with HTML coding knowledge can also edit the codes in the template.

With the discovered patterns in the content of the websites that the email recipients visit and other marketing data, Boomtrain can build highly customised email content for the readers. So if a customer’s visit to travel websites reveals a preference for historical sites, Boomtrain can personalise the email template to provide offers related to history tours and related excursions. In the end, email recipients will each be reading personalised marketing content that reflects their specific interests instead of getting the same static email template received by everyone.

Boomtrain’s partnership with Iterable will enable a seamless creation and sending of marketing emails to clients. Iterable is a user-engagement platform that provides personalised, non-static content to every recipient, thus, empowering marketing across mobile, web and email channels. The partnership will essentially have Boomtrain to build the content and Iterable to send the emails.

Iterable CEO Justin Zhu commented that using both products enables marketers to “efficiently send the perfect message” to customers in any marketing channel.