Cillian Bracken Conway
10th Jul, 2017

Looking for restaurants on mobile has just become more convenient with the addition of the Menu tab on the local panel. Google has added a new tab that allows users to access a particular restaurant’s menu.

google menu tab

(Credits: Photo by Search Engine Land;

For as long as the Google can pick out menu items, the Menu tab will appear on a restaurant’s local panel. This means not all food establishments may have them, although many restaurants already come with this feature.

The Menu tab appears next to the Overview tab. When tapped, it will open to a list of food items under different categories, such as Appetizers and Soup and Salad.

menu tab

(Credit: Photo by Sergey Alkov;

This new tab is just one of the few that Google has added since it rolled out tabs in the local panel to improve user experience in mobile search results about a month ago. The first two buttons introduced where Overview and Reviews that users can toggle. The former provides overview details, while the latter shows existing reviews for a particular business.

Depending on the local venue, the tabs shown will have a few differences. Overview and Reviews will always be present, but a hotel may have a tab that shows rates, while a restaurant will have a menu option. Providing that Google can pick out menu items, of course.

Takeaway for restaurant owners

The addition of the menu tab offers the kind of convenience that customers will greatly appreciate. They will have a good idea on what food to order and have delivered without the need to go anywhere else online like a restaurant’s website.

From an SEO point of view, this can drive traffic online and offline, especially if consumers find the menu options tempting.