Cillian Bracken Conway
13th Jul, 2017

Following an update on their data anomalies page, Google announced that new users who signed up to Google Search Console between 21 June and 10 July 2017 experienced data loss.

According to the tech giant, “All first-time Search Console users who joined Search Console during this period will be missing site data during this period”.

google search analytics missing

(Photo by Search Engine Land,

SEOs and webmasters who recently signed up and verified properties will not see data for the 20-day period when the data loss occurred. The issue has been fixed going forward but new users might have lost some important data.

Users who joined Search Console before and after the affected period are safe from the glitch, however.

This is not the first time that Google Search Console has had problems. In the second week of March this year, it had a bug that resulted in missing data from the analytics report. Google assured users that they did not lose an entire day of traffic or rankings and there’s no need to panic.

The same issue happened 11 months before the March incident. A reporting bug was also to blame.

Missing data on analytics report, however, should be expected moving forward. In Google’s data anomalies page, the tech company has written about rare occasions when events in Search Console could affect report data, causing dips or bumps in a graph chart. This can be caused by many things, such as a logging error or if data aggregation methods were changed.

Takeaway for Google Search Console Users

Unless it’s something bigger than a reporting a bug or a dip in the graph, there’s no need to panic over missing Search Console data. Expect similar events to happen in the future and be prepared for it.

There are instances when data recovery is possible:

  • When data on search console is there one day and gone the next, check your profile’s subdomain and protocol. It could be that your profile lacks https that your current profile has.
  • When a new profile doesn’t show data for weeks or so, check your verification settings. It could be showing “verification failed” or “reverification failed”. Use a different method to verify properties.
  • When a Search Console report shows a huge drop, check if there is a missing folder or subdomain data. It is possible that tracking may have failed in one or two sources.