Cillian Bracken Conway
26th Jul, 2017

A new feature has been added to the new Google AdWords interface. This time, it is a new interaction option to adjust bids for calls, designed to get call extensions to show in mobile search ads.

The bid adjustment specifically for calls provides insights as to how often or not call information appears in mobile search ads. It has a range of between -90% and +900%.

adwords call bid adjustments
(Photo by Search Engine Land.×600.png)

In an announcement, Google explained that certain businesses may see higher order value from calls.

A travel advertiser, for example, will use calls to their advantage “because it can be easier to cross-sell rental cars, group tours, and other vacation add-ons during a live conversation”.

Under the circumstances, increasing call bid adjustments makes perfect sense. AdWords will then show call extensions more frequently, which will fuel more high-value calls.

The bid adjustment for calls is available for any campaign in the new AdWords interface. It is listed under “Interactions” in the new interface.

The new addition is the latest to have been included in the new AdWords Experience that provides some exclusive features and capabilities. These include:

  • Promotion extensions allow marketers and business owners to take advantage of specific offers in text ads by linking to them. Simply click on the tag icon in the new UI under Extensions > Ads & extensions.

promotions extension new adwords ui

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  • Household income targeting in search is now under the Demographics tab, which makes it easier to see how household income segments influence the performance of a specific campaign. If you want to adjust bids, set them at the ad group or campaign level.
  • Audiences page in the new UI now offers a way for marketers and business owners to manage audience optimisations and targeting in one place.

Upcoming features to the new AdWords Experience are Custom in-market audiences, Google attribution, Landing page performance, and Store sales measurement uploads.