Cillian Bracken Conway
8th Aug, 2017

Facebook has extended Dynamic Ads to real estate listings.

From e-commerce sites to other industries, the social media giant has now included realtors in the list of businesses that can use dynamic ads retargeting. The new product will promote a property’s availability, price, and a number of bedrooms to anyone browsing a real estate site or app.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram will be served to users searching home and apartment listings as part of retargeting.

This variation of ads retargeting called Dynamic Ads for Real Estate works similarly to the Dynamic Ads for Retail and for Travel.

It takes an advertiser’s home listing and converts it into ads that will show up on people’s feeds in Facebook and Instagram if these users have previously checked out real estate listings from a real estate agency app or website.

In a Facebook documentation, the social media giant indicated that they will combine whatever information realtors uploaded about each home listing with other details they can collect from a realtor’s website and app. They then link the ads to the agency’s site or app.

facebook dynamic ads for real estate

(Screenshot from Facebook.

To ensure that ads appeal to the user, each home listing uploaded must include images of a property, and its availability and price. Other details, such as the property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, if it’s newly constructed, or whether it is for sale or for rent, will also boost a listing’s marketability.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate provides advertisers not only a means to automatically promote property listings on Facebook, but also a tool to help them track other information that searchers and potential buyers use to hunt for properties, such as the price range set and neighbourhood of interest.

They can then use such details to promote other listings people may have missed.

How to Set Up Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

  1. Set up Home Listing Catalog for your business.
  2. Create and build your real estate audience.
  3. Create ads for your home listings and deliver them accordingly.
  4. Use Facebook’s Ads Insights to get delivery information and determine how people engage your ads.
  5. Use Dynamic Ads Debugging Tools to diagnose and resolve a problem as they arise.

Takeaway for Realtors

Even if you have been using Facebook to promote your home or apartment listing, ads retargeting specific to real estate ups your ante to reach clients who are interested in buying a house or currently hunting for a property.

Automatically serving up listings that appeal to their preferences effectively increase your chances of getting their business and, highly likely, closing a sale.