Cillian Bracken Conway
7th Sep, 2017

Google has finally rolled out inline editing in search, allowing local businesses to manage their listing without leaving Google local search results.

In a post, Google said that the goal was to create a simple business dashboard that is easy to access right in Google search. “Just find your business on Google Search, and you can complete and enhance your listing”.

Business can also share photos and posts, as well check the number of views they are getting.

After logging in to their Google My Business (GMB) account, business owners can run a search and find features that will allow them to edit their listing quickly.

They will be able to see a menu located right above the search results, which contains Edit Info, Add Photo, Post, and Review.

Clicking on the edit button will highlight the fields that they can edit.

This new inline editing feature shows that Google is looking for ways for business owners to be more proactive in updating their local business listing and serving consumers with more updated information and photos.

The feature was tested back in July 2017.

What local businesses can do from the search results

google search purple background

(GIF from Search Engine Land.

  • Add business information or make corrections directly
  • Update store hours or whether or not it is open on a holiday
  • Share business-related posts on Google and engage with customers
  • Share photos and be informed of when users upload photos of your business
  • See how many views your local listing receives
  • Access detailed information about the performance of your listing with ease

Inline editing allows business owners to take the most important action to complete, manage, and enhance their listing quickly and directly.

Why local listing matters more today than ever

Research showed that more than 80% of people use the web to search for local information. And, if businesses reach new customers online, they succeed and grow.

local seo stats infographic

(Screenshot from Hubspot Blog.

This highlights the importance of a high-quality online presence and one that showcases the many things that make a business unique. Because people who get to know a business are more likely to become customers, it is only logical for entrepreneurs to provide as much relevant information about their business as possible.

A complete listing on Google is one way to go about doing this and, with the new editing feature, the quickest and easiest way too.

A 2014 post entitled The Benefits of Complete Business Listings revealed that a complete listing on Google helps businesses gain customer trust twice as much, more likely to attract in-store visits at 38%, and more likely to see a purchase at 29%.

Clearly, businesses need to take advantage of Google local listing, ensure a listing is complete, and keep it updated as needed. With the ability to edit information right on search, updating and completing a local listing should not be a problem.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]